About Me

I'm a wife, a Mom of 2 and a sinner saved by God's Grace. 

My biggest inspiration in photography came from the memories of my childhood and books I read when

I was a little. I love seeing kids playing outside with their friends, not afraid to get dirty and do crazy

and weird stuff. 

My closest friends describe me as caring, funny, childlike, sensitive and creative. Therefore I'm also

drawn to funny and sweet moments, and I like to use a unique perspective when I shoot.

My goal is to make people feel something when they look at my pictures. Whether it makes them laugh, cry, 

or bring them back to their childhood, or whatever it is I just want to touch their heart.

- Monica

About You

You are fun, appreciate real life photography and are not afraid of being you!

You know my job is not to make you look pretty, but to make meaningful pictures.

You value my skills because you know I'll be working hard and spend many hours to make the best images possible. 

You know that I don't actually shoot for you. I shoot for your future. For your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Because you want them to have the treasure of a life time. 

So if you think this is you, contact me to find out more about my sessions because I know we can work well together!