Is Documentary Photography For You?

One of the sessions I offer to my clients is called Day In The Life session. It is a session where they let me be their "personal photojournalist" for few 4-8hours, to capture their every day moment, just the way it is. I fell in love with this approach because, to be honest it fits my personality the most. I love to watch people. I love to see the precious moment they don't see and capture it for them. And, I don't like to tell people what to do :)

So why do I love documentary photography and why do I think people need these kind of pictures to be captured by a professional photographer?

1. It's real, It's honest, It's unscripted.

In Day In The Life session, I will not direct, move nor change anything. This is what makes it different than Lifestyle Photography. I will capture things just the way it is and I really love this challenging aspect.

2. Your everyday life is beautiful!

Sometimes people are afraid to show their real life. In this Instagram and Pinterest world, everybody wants to look perfect. But to me everyday moments are the moments I want to remember the most. A documentary photographer knows how to make those ordinary moment look extraordinary by using the light and find the best composition for your images.

3. Those real & precious moment can happen within seconds.

A trained documentary photographer knows what to aim for, and has the right gear for those fast actions. I love it when my client said "I didn't even know you took that picture!"

4. It's hard work.

Documentary photography is not just a snapshot. Sometimes it takes patience until the photographer gets the right picture they want.

boys playing football

4. It's Wall Art Worthy!

Who said you can't decorate your wall with your everyday life pictures?

girl playing with water hose in the backyard

6. Genuine Portrait

Yes, in a documentary session I will make portraits. Portraits that show someone's character, emotion and personality. So... no cheese please :).

7. It makes you feel something

Whether it makes you smile, laugh, or even cry, the goal of documentary photography is to make you feel something. I always hope the images that I make will take my client back to that moment and make them realize how precious it was. The special time they spent together, funny moment, crazy moment, their relationship, the connection, the love of their parents, their helping hands. It's a session well thought of and captured by the photographer not just for you, but for your future.

Mom yawning and tired

So, do you think this type of photography is for you? How much do you treasure those everyday life moments?

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